Support us

Support us

Micro-finance Campaign

There are many ways to collaborate:

– Punctual donations can be made. The platform allows payment by card, paypal and by bank transfer (for this payment option you only have to register as a user of the page).

-They can become partners of the project and pay the monthly amount they wish (for this option they have to register in the platform, select “Project Ataìru” and choose quantity and form of payment, which includes card, transfer and direct debit).

– You can also collaborate by helping to publicize the project and the Crowdfunding campaign or by offering the contact of possible sponsors such as associations, companies, foundations … etc.

Crowdfunding platform for collection.

To make direct contributions to the Ataîru Educational Project, deposits can be made in the account:

ES02 1491 0001 2921 8540 8222

In the concept of the deposit must be specified Project Ataîru and name of the Donor.

To receive the tax receipt and to be able to deduct the donation, an email must be sent to the address with the following information:

1. Concept, date and amount of the donation

2. Name and surname

3. ID

4. Province where you present your statement.


Contact us and come to work on our project.

Volunteers are free to organize courses and workshops related to the style of the project of a minimum duration of two months. The lodging and food expenses are covered by the project in collaboration with the Sergipe School and the Sub-prefeitura of Eldorado do Sul. The work and lodging space has Wi-Fi.