What we do

What do we do?

We focus our project on two fields of action:

1- The first is to manage a Community Cultural Center with a Library function with two locations: one in the Belo Monte Settlement (which has been in operation since 2014) and another one of new creation in Bom Retiro de Guaíba (location of the school), where a series of cultural and artistic courses and activities are developed for the children and young people of these communities.

The activities carried out are: music classes (especially guitar and harmony), spanish classes, crafts, theater, school reinforcement and yoga. In addition, music and arts festivals, film sessions and literary meetings are organized periodically.

2- The second area of the project is a Post-Literacy Course at the Primary School E.E.E.F Sergipe. This course has been implemented between 2014 and 2018 with around 160 participants. It consists of strengthening the ability to master literacy, not only in the field of expression (written and verbal), but also in the ability to understand and synthesize. An individualized incentive plan for reading is carried out in parallel. We consider that in our project it becomes essential to be able to work directly with the enrichment of the student´s symbolic imagery. We want literacy to be a useful tool for them: to serve as a source of information and organization; to help them convey ideas to others in a clear way; to make complex conceptual relationships and to stimulate critical and symbolic thinking. Literacy is seen as a basic tool for development, active participation in society and to face the acquisition of skills and knowledge of all subjects.