In the communities of Bom Retiro de Guaíba and Belo Monte Settlement, in the municipality of Eldorado do Sul, in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The two communities are rural, with very poor communications and located at great distances from the urban centers.

The State School of Fundamental Teaching Sergipe is a public education institution of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, located in the District of Bom Retiro, in the city of Eldorado do Sul, being located in the metropolitan region of Porto Alegre (capital of the state).

State School of Fundamental Teaching Sergipe

Currently, the Sergipe school serves approximately 150 elementary school students, distributed in the morning, afternoon and evening shifts. The evening classes are composed of young people and adults (EJA) with a minimum age of 15 years. The students are people that lives in the village of Bom Retiro and its surroundings and in the Belo Monte settlement.

The school currently operates in a temporary building that is located in the rodeo field of Eldorado do Sul Town Hall. The land and the original construction of the school were located elsewhere in the village of Bom Retiro, however, as the use of the classrooms was not viable due to the progressive deterioration, the current structure was built with state funds for provisional operation, until a new permanent school is built.

Bom Retiro de Guaíba
Despite being close to large urban centers, the town of Bom Retiro is characterized for being a rural environment with the presence of a small village that has approximately 500 people, where is the Subprefecture, a Basic Health Unit, a municipal school (EMEF San José) and a state school (EEEF Sergipe). In the surroundings of the village of Bom Retiro there are several country houses and farms where activities related to agriculture are developed. Many properties are rented by the paper producing company, CMPC – Celulosa Riograndense, located in the city of Guaíba, distant about 25 km from the village of Bom Retiro, for the eucalyptus plantation, whose objective is the production of pulp and paper. Bom Retiro has a small urban center with a lot of population scattered around, leaving the houses very distant from each other. This makes it difficult to access cultural events and activities and generates isolation.

Assentamento Belo Monte
In the municipality of Bom Retiro, there is the Belo Monte settlement, which emerged 16 years ago, where approximately 40 families live (about 250 people, 50% being children and youth) members of the Movement of Workers for Rights (MTD). Each family has a housing lot and another production one. Some families obtain their income from work in the city, with the consequent expense of transportation, and others base their income on small-scale agrarian production. Access to the road is often difficult and the passages are expensive for the family economies of the community. These are people who run away from violence and marginalize to start a new life in the rural environment.