About us

About us

We are a team formed by a Spanish sociologist and psychologist, both with extensive experience as educators and in the area of childhood. Besides knowledge of Portuguese and more than four years of experience in the place of implementation of the project, this team knows the “modus vivendi” and prioritizes respect for the local culture and its dynamics.

Alejandro Suárez (psychologist) has more than five years of work in the area of child and youth psychology and pedagogy. He has skills and extensive experience in music pedagogy and as a teacher of school reinforcement. He is trained in music therapy, child and youth psychology, emotional education and has two years of work in prevention and treatment of drug addiction.

Laia Sastre (sociologist) also has the title of Instructor and Director of Leisure and Free time andTantra yoga Instructor. She has more than 8 years of experience in this field making summer camps for children, as well as extracurricular courses of theater, handicrafts, yoga, languages and school reinforcement classes for individuals and small groups.

Both professionals are trained in Educational Projects Development and in Mediation and Conflict Resolution.

This project has been thought and developed after our practice and observation as volunteers in the Sergipe School and in the Belo Monte Settlement. From our work we detect the possibility of contributing to the acquisition of certain skills that we believe are especially important in the integral development of the children of these communities.

The project has been active since 2014 and around 160 children and young people have participated so far.